Bailey Family | Agricultural Center | Nashville, TN

Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-5I absolutely loved photographing the BAILEY family!!!!  I have known the Bailey’s for quite some time as Shane & I used to work together in the banking world.  We have been talking about doing a shoot for a LONG LONG time and I was so glad when we finally met up to shoot at Agricultural Center.  I had not seen the whole Bailey family since before Hudson was born!  Speaking of Hudson, that kid is hilarious!!!!  Harper is growing into a beautiful girl and she as sweet as ever.  I can’t wait to see how beautiful baby #3 (coming 2015) will be.

I had so much fun on this shoot and I have been dying to share these images.  Shane & Hayley, your family is wonderful… Thanks for letting me capture these memories!  😉

Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-1 Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-4

Seriously how handsome is Hudson…Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-6

What a beautiful Mother & DaughterBailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-7

I love this moment!Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-10 Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-14 Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-15 Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-18 Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-19

Brotherly & Sisterly love…Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-20

Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-22  Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-26Bailey_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-25

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