Breen Family Photo Session | Franklin TN

M E E T   J O H N   &   F R A N N I E
Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-1 I had so much fun shooting with the Breen Family!

The Breen family actually won a FREE photo session just from being on my email list (You should sign up HERE)

I asked the simple question to my email subscribers… “Who inspires you and Why?…”

Here is just a little bit of what Andrea had to say…

“I am inspired by my two children.  It is difficult for me to put into words the love I have for them.  

They are the reason I wake up each and every single day.  

They are the reason I work so hard… 

They are the reason I pick myself up when I am in a funk.

They are my life.

I love you to the moon and back John and Frannie.”
I am so glad I chose Andrea as the winner of the FREE session.  I loved meeting her kids and I can see exactly why she said what she said… These kids were so incredibly cute!  I loved that Frannie was wearing the same dress her mother wore as a little girl!

Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-4 Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-19 Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-24 Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-27I love these moments captured with their mom. 😉
Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-33Frannie showing off her fake frown…Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-43Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-52 Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-63 They LOVE each other so much! Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-75Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-84 Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-92 What better way to end a photo shoot then with some Sweet CeCe’s…Breen_Family_Franklin_TN-110