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I recently partnered with Nashville Moms Blog to do a lifestyle series I just launched called “Life At Sunrise/Sunset” This is the second post of this 5 part series. Stay tuned for more adorable families.


Anyone who knows me personally knows that I like to keep it real and I don’t have that much of a filter most of the time. I say what comes to mind and I tend to really gravitate toward to others who keep it real too…

Prior to meeting the Miller family I was told that Shannon was pretty awesome from some of the other women who are contributors for Nashville Moms Blog. Shannon & I exchanged quite a few text messages.  The first text she sent to me the night before the shoot said,

“WARNING: we’re in the midst of potty training and there’s an 80% chance that Wilder will crap himself at some point during the shoot.”

You know how in the movie Jerry McQuire, when Renée Zellweger says, “You had me at hello…”  Well Shannon you had me at “80% chance that Wilder will crap himself…” Once you text this to me not knowing me in person I knew we would be instant friends! 

When I arrived at 6:30 a.m. with my Starbucks in hand, I was greeted by a very pregnant Shannon. I quickly found out that she is expecting TWINS! She brewed herself a cup of decaf and we chatted for a few mins before we heard the rumblings of a toddler upstairs.


I never know what to expect with these kids first thing when they wake up and see me, a complete stranger, with a big camera in hand, but wilder greeted me with curious eyes and didn’t seem to faze him too much that I was there.


I was seriously impressed by the cowboy painting in his room, Shannon told me her mother had painted it.  So impressive!

Wilder was excited to get out of his pajamas and Shannon coaxed him into at least wearing a shirt. 😉

Miller_Life_at_Sunrise_2.25.15-1_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Lifestyle_Sunrise_Session__Getting_Ready_1As we reached the bottom of the stairs Shannon asked Wilder if he needed to use the restroom, he shook his head no, but walked on his tippy toes and seemed to be squeezing his bottom together all the while still insisting he did not need to go to the bathroom.

Shannon & I chuckled a little and then off to the bathroom we went.


YES!  Bathroom time was a SUCCESS!!

Miller_Life_at_Sunrise_2.25.15-1_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Lifestyle_Sunrise_Session_Potty_Training_2After potty time Wilder wanted to wear this towel, but that quickly faded as most things do with toddlers, then we were off to meet the family dog while Shannon prepared breakfast.


Wilder loves his momma so much and I think he was still a little unsure about me at this point so he stayed right by her side.


For being so young, Wilder seemed very independent at the breakfast table.


I am obsessed with these images of Wilder that I photographed through their front door. I have no words.


Just a few days prior to the shoot Nashville had a bit of an ice storm so we were very careful walking down the steps…


Wilder immediately went into play mode walking around the front yard picking up anything and everything.


When we got back inside Shannon read Wilder a book that was all about sounds. Wilder loved it and sometimes before Shannon could make the sound Wilder would beat her to the punch.

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This guy was trying so hard to put these sunglasses on and I just had to capture it and then I put down my camera and helped him get them on the right way…


After about an hour or so my time with the Miller’s was over, but I couldn’t resist a goodbye photo of Wilder.

Miller_Life_at_Sunrise_2.25.15-1_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Lifestyle_Sunrise_Session_Goodbye_Through_WindowI highly encourage you to read all about Shannon’s perspective HERE on the Nashville Moms Blog.