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I recently partnered with Nashville Moms Blog to do a lifestyle series I just launched called “Life At Sunrise/Sunset” This is the last post of this 5 part series. 

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I do not have any kids of my own (yet), but I have been around enough family and kids to know that mornings can be a hectic time. I can attest that for the Wallace family this morning was completely peaceful and calm. I am sure they have their mornings of chaos, but this morning was sweet, innocent and at times naked. 😉

I arrived when it was still pitch dark outside. As I was getting this photo of Mandy I was thinking to myself how incredibly creepy I looked in their front yard with a big old’ camera taking photos through their window. Ha!


As I walked in the door we were whispering as the boys and dad were still sleeping. Minutes later the boys were up and ready to start their day. They were not fazed at all that this stranger was in their home. In fact, I think they were excited to share their day.


Mandy told me that the boys love to do puzzles in the morning. On this morning, it gave Mandy time to catch up on the laundry.

Wallace_Family-Life_At_Sunrise_Day_In_The_Life_Nashville_Moms_Blog_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Family_Lifestyle_Puzzle Wallace_Family-Life_At_Sunrise_Day_In_The_Life_Nashville_Moms_Blog_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Family_Lifestyle_Boys_Waking_UpWallace_Family-Life_At_Sunrise_Day_In_The_Life_Nashville_Moms_Blog_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Family_Lifestyle_Doing_Dishes_Waking_Up

Once the laundry was finished, Mandy was off to get breakfast started and the boys were off to their room to put their clothes away. At this time I could hear Dad was up and showering….


Cooper wanted to show off his tough guy pose.


Then I may or may not have suggested that they start jumping around… 😉


After the boys put their laundry up there was a bit of nudity so I took a break from taking photos until I saw Franklin in the kitchen floor putting on his clothes.


Franklin was having problems with his shirt and Mom was there to help. He was so excited to show me super cool dog shirt.


Cooper, who is a couple years older, dressed himself in their bedroom.


After the boys were dressed they decided they wanted to see dad so they opened the bathroom door while he was in the shower… I went running into the kitchen. I could handle seeing the little kids nudity, but I wasn’t ready to see their dad nude and I wasn’t sure what the situation would be when the door of the bathroom opened.  I went into the kitchen and had a laugh about it with Mandy and stayed away from the bathroom.

During that time, I did capture this adorable pic of Franklin.


Joe (Dad) emerged from the bedroom and Franklin immediately wanted to tell him about me.


It was really sweet to see how Joe was so helpful in the kitchen and with the kids while Mandy was preparing breakfast…


Who doesn’t love fresh fruit for breakfast? I know Franklin does for sure!


Cooper went to the pantry closet to get his own goodies.


Franklin loved helping mommy with the final touches of breakfast.


YAY!  Breakfast time with the whole family has arrived.


Then were off to the backyard to play and dig in the dirt… (but they needed to stay clean, especially Cooper, as he was about to go to school)


Franklin joined us shortly after and it didn’t take him long before he was running across the yard to get his shovel.


It’s digging time!!!


At this moment as I was thinking to myself “oh no, I bet the are getting dirty” — Joe popped his head out the window to say, “Don’t get dirty…” All the while he was watching them with such joy!


Cooper followed instructions and stood out of the dirt.


Mom and Dad joined us for a few minutes outside…


Back inside. It’s time for goodbye hugs & kisses…

_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Family_Lifestyle_Saying Goodbye

And just like that, Cooper and Joe were out the door and my time with the Wallace family came to an end… Until we meet again!

_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Family_Lifestyle_Saying Goodbye-2

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