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I recently partnered with Nashville Moms Blog to do a lifestyle series called “Life At Sunrise/Sunset” This is the first post of this 5 part series. Stay tuned for more adorable families.Condon_FBDo you ever meet someone and immediately feel a rapport with them? I instantly felt at ease when I was greeted as I pulled into the driveway by Steve and Phoenix. As I started to come near the door, Emmi, Danielle and baby Leo welcomed me into their home.

The first thing we did, is what most parents are doing constantly… CHANGING DIAPERS!


It was beautiful to see how much Emmi loved being by Leo’s side. During this time I also was told about all the hospital visits, stays and open heart surgery in his short couple months of life due to Transposition of the Great Arteries. I got a little teary-eyed and we moved on to the outdoors before it was too noticeable.


At firstĀ I was focused on taking photos of the kids, but then I looked over and saw these sweet moments between Mom, Dad and baby Leo.


The kids were 100% in their own world while I was there, which I loved. It allowed me to capture some really great moments of the pure joy of childhood.


All the while baby Leo is snoozing away…


Emmi had such a fun personality. šŸ˜‰


Phoenix loves his big sister so much and it’s easy to see as he followed her wherever she went.


No day is complete without some time on the trampoline.


Back inside for some dinner preparation and precious family time. Emmi was excited to help her mom.


Father/Son bonding time.


After a quick Father/Son bond, Phoenix was begging for mom to come play cars with him.


Meeting the Condon family was such a joy! It truly felt like I was hanging out with good friends.

I feel it only appropriate to end this post with photos of a strong baby boy Leo. Seeing him as happy as can be after such a tough first couple months was such an encouragement.



Here’s a hug from Leo to the whole world! Ā 

Condon_Family-Life_At_Sunset_Nashville_Moms_Blog_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Indoors_8For more pictures and a peek into Danielleā€™s perspective of the shoot, be sure to check out her postĀ at Nashville Mom’s Blog.