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I recently partnered with Nashville Moms Blog to do a lifestyle series I just launched called “Life At Sunrise/Sunset” This is the third post of this 5 part series. 

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There are a few things I ask for prior to shooting with a family, one of those being the names of everyone in the family as I like to use their names when interacting. For the Pugh family I received the names Elida, Ziggy & Goldie for their children. I was so excited to meet these kids as I had a feeling with such stellar names they would be stellar kids!

I arrived to the Pugh home just as they were returning home from school. This was their first day back in school as the week or so prior had been an ice storm in Nashville.


Ziggy (the oldest) plopped down on the couch and dumped out his valentine’s candy, even though it was Feb 25th his classmates just now had the opportunity, due to weather, to exchange cards/candy. He was so sweet to share with his sister Goldie. Goldie was wearing gold pants which made me that much happier. 😉


A moment of relaxation before the candy kicked in and the couch jumping begins!


Time for Elissa to help Goldie lace up her chucks before we headed out back.


Elida was just as eager as Ziggy and Goldie to get outdoors and play in the dirt.


Elissa joined the kids in the dirt digging.


These kids loved the outdoors! Ziggy & Goldie were running around and you could tell that Elida wanted to join in on the running, but she’s not quite old enough yet…


I didn’t even notice until after the shoot that I took these portraits below of each child and framed them almost identically.


Goldie has quite the personality and I don’t think she is afraid to tell you what she is thinking.

Ziggy loves his little sisters and it’s easy to see with this image of him playing with little Elida.



Trying to wrangle everyone together for a formal family photo was fun! Once we had them all together I had about 30 seconds to grab the shot of the four of them.


Heading back inside…

Goldie was excited to cook with Mommy and help her bread the chicken.


Elida was hanging out and being adorable in her high chair.


Again you can see that Goldie is a real fun kid and loves to be silly!


If you want to see Elida’s face light up just let her dad Enil walk into the room!  Elida is a daddy’s girl!


Ziggy looked like he wanted some alone time, but Goldie just wanted to play…


I told Goldie to do some twirls and with that I came to the end of my shoot…

Life_At_Sunset_Lifestyle_Session_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Nashville_TN_Family_Photographer_Kids_Toddler_Baby_Cooking_Indoors_With_Mom_Dad_Gets_Home-17At the end of the shoot Ziggy & Goldie told me I could come back anytime and I really feel like they meant it. Thanks Pugh family for being awesome and making me feel cool too!

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