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I recently partnered with Nashville Moms Blog to do a lifestyle series I just launched called “Life At Sunrise/Sunset” This is the third post of this 5 part series.Be sure to check out more of the LIFE AT SUNRISE / LIFE AT SUNSET SERIES here!

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On my way to my shoot with the Swan family I was feeling a little tired and was really hoping I would have time to stop for an afternoon pick-me-up. Then I received a text on my way to their home that said…

“I usually have tea around this time. Would you like me to boil some water for you?”

I wanted to respond with a HECK YES, but since Torrey had not met yet so I said…

“You are so sweet! Sure!”

When I arrived I was greeted by sweet smiles all around. Maddie stole my heart right away with her over-the-top adorableness. I had a hot cup of water and my choice of tea. DELICIOUS.  After a some chit chat and few sips (thank you for the much needed pick me up TORREY!) I was in photographer mode.

I have always thought that names for certain rooms in a persons house are weird, like restroom… is it a room where you rest? No! It’s a room where you go number one and number two and where you take showers. BUT living room is such an appropriate name, especially for the Swan family. I loved tucking away and watching them “live” their afternoon…


Violet, oh Violet… You seriously cannot get any cuter!


Maddie is full of energy and she is not shy at all. She had so much to show me and I even had the opportunity to follow her to the restroom to take her doll to the potty. If I remember correctly, her doll had to go number 2.


Then we were up the stairs where Maddie was excited to show me her room!


Maddie stood triumphantly on her bed as if to proclaim that she was the princess of this room.


Violet and mommy sat nearby while Maddie moved from place to place with her bouncing toddler energy…


Then it was time for an afternoon book and Maddie was eager to pick out just the right book and Violet was watching Maddie’s every move.


I was happy to see that Maddie had a car/train track. Many times parents only give girls what is considered “girl toys” — I loved seeing Maddie play with cars/trains, it reminded me of my childhood playing cars with my brothers.


All the while Violet is staying totally calm, cool and collected…. and cute as a button!


It’s about 4pm and it’s time for a snack…


After a quick snack the kids get bundled up, as it was literally freezing outside during this shoot, and we headed to their backyard.

Turns out their Dog is VERY protective and for a few mins I worried I may leave with some teeth marks in my arm. I was trying to channel my inner DOG WHISPERER and do the “TSCH” sound and act like a tough person, but their dog was not having it.

Eventually the Dog realized I wasn’t a threat and all was well with the world. PHEW…


The girls loved curling up next to their mommy. Everyone was full of smiles! 😉

Violet was what I will call her usual self, completely content with the world around her and happy!


It was easy to tell Maddie loves the outdoors. She was running around playing with the dog and having a grand time. (LOOK AT THOSE DIMPLES PEOPLE!!!!)


By this time the Dog was totally cool with me and even posed for a family photo…


Until we meet again Swan family….


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