Solomon Zebra(ed) up!!! : Nashville Baby Photographer

This boy is sure something precious & boy was he in a hurry to get into the world… NEARLY 2 MONTHS EARLY!!!!   He was ready to rock this world with his complete awesomeness!!!  With parents like his, this kid is destined for great things.  Everyone who knows his parents would say the same!  We took these photos back on Halloween day, hence the outfit!!!  He was about 1.5 months old.

Enjoy photos of this most precious & peaceful boy.

Themed Room Teddy Bear Zebra Baby Costume Halloween

Baby Dressed in Zebra Costume

Baby Wide Eyed In Zebra Costume

Baby Indiana Jones Room Zebra Outfit Halloween

Baby in Zebra Costume Halloween

Baby Yawning in zebra costume halloween

And with this final photo Solomon was saying “PHOTO SHOOT OVER!!!”

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