The Dickinson Family | Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I am beyond lucky to call these beautiful people family! My brother & sister-in-law are seriously the best and I married into the best family!   & the freaking kids… Adorable!!!! Ellis was still adorable… even after she pushed her brother down during the shoot and I captured her on camera right after (You will see her reaction in the photos below)

Before we started the shoot I shot this pic of my husband and his brother Dan.  (It was early y’all… That is probably why they both look so tired!)

TommY+DanNot sure of the name of the location we shot, but it was beautiful and right next to the river in Tuscaloosa, Alabama!

trees } Dickinson_Family_2014_Tuscaloosa_Alabama_2 Dickinson_Family_2014_Tuscaloosa_Alabama_3 Dickinson_Family_2014_Tuscaloosa_Alabama_4

ELLIS LOVES THE CAMERA!!!Dickinson_Family_2014_Tuscaloosa_Alabama_5 Dickinson_Family_2014_Tuscaloosa_Alabama_6 Dickinson_Family_2014_Tuscaloosa_Alabama_7 Dickinson_Family_2014_Tuscaloosa_Alabama_8

So they are having a fun time running across the bridge until…..


Ellis decides she is going to push down her big brother… We knew he wasn’t hurt right away (other than his ego) and it took everything we had to hold in our chuckles… (Susan had to even turn away) We don’t condone pushing, but you can’t help but smile when you see this pic.


Needless to say, Max was NOT happy! 

Dickinson_Family_2014_Tuscaloosa_Alabama_11 When kids are upset I just have them jump around and they are happy again….