Courtney & Austin Tie The Knot Belmont Church : Nashville Wedding Photographer

I had a great time shooting for NASHVILLE COMPLETEMVP.  Amy Nicole Photo was the first shooter and she did a FANTASTIC job!  I got to hang for about 4 hours and captured some great moments..  A few of my favorites can be seen below!


Bride & Groom beautiful shot Nashville TN Wedding Photographer

Under Veil Bride & Groom Nashville TN Wedding Photography

Bride pushing groom up against brick wall - Nashville TN Wedding Photography

Bride Groom Kissing Up against brick wall.  Love Nashville Wedding Photography

Sweet groom carryng brides dress train. Nashville TN Wedding Photography Belmont Church

Bride - groom - dad- pastor - at the altar. Nashville TN Wedding Photographer

Dad giving toast to bride & groom

Bride with wine glass toast nashville wedding photographer

cute little boy nashville wedding photography

father daughter dance - nashville wedding photographer

goofy guy with tie on head nashville tn wedding photography

bride dancing the night away--- hair flying.

Nashville tn wedding photography

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