Makaio | One Year Old | Milestone Photos | Franklin, TN Family Photographer

I can’t believe how big this precious boy has gotten! I’ve been so honored to take pictures of his sweet self when he was three months, six months, nine months and now a WHOLE YEAR OLD!

Makaio and his parents, Abby and Doug Swisher, live in my neighborhood. When Makaio was only a month and a half old, Abby and Doug asked me to do some milestone photo shoots as he grows up. His personality has developed so much in the year that I’ve known him, and although he’s not there just yet, he’s SO close to walking on his own!

We did the session on Good Friday, which meant Makaio’s dad, Doug, had the day off from work and could join us. I love capturing that cutie Makaio by himself, of course, but I was so happy for the chance to get the whole family in some shots. We started at the Factory in Franklin, and I just love Makaio’s facial expressions throughout those shots. He had a few “I’m crying because I’m one and that’s what I do,” moments, but you can’t tell me he’s not still adorable, even through his tears.

We must have worn out the birthday boy with all the pictures, because he needed a nap before his next adventure… cake smashing! We set him up back at my studio with a cake, and then let him have at it! Some of the best photos happen when you give a one-year-old permission to make a total disaster.

Happy first birthday, Makaio! It means so much to me that this wonderful family chose me to be their photographer, and I can’t wait to watch this little man grow up!

Baby boy who is adopted with his parents on his milestone birthday photo session at an old factory with brick. One year old sitting in orange shorts and striped shirt with a number 1 wooden sign next to him with brick in the background toddle standing holding onto his white one year old wooden sign. Brick in the background. Father and son in black and white holding onto daddys hands and laughing. toddler with green shorts and blue shirt holding onto two golf balls smiling with a golf club next to him one year old looking up to his parents holding their hands and smiling Happy family of three family photo sitting on metal stairs with red brick on the side little boy wearing green golf shorts and blue polo being silly standing up against brick wall Happy boy and mother smiling while sitting on a baby blue benchBaby blue bench with a wooden ONE sign. Little boy being comforted by his mother while he cries. Little boy standing up against a baby blue bench with hawaiian bead necklace on with a white wooden ONE sign sitting on bench Little boy sitting on baby blue bench with individual wooden letter signs that spell the word ONE. He is holding the N with a stunned look on his faceOne year old being silly blowing kisses and standing up against brick wall, also a photo of him kissing himself in the mirror. Little one year old wearing a custom made shirt with the number 1 and his name MAKAIO spelled on the shirt. He is sitting on a bench with greenery surrounding him. One year old using his hands to discover and explore the crevices on the cemented brick walkway Two images of a family of three. Black and white image with Dad and Son kissing mommy. Image of mom and dad interacting with Son while he sits on cement block with blue and white balloons in the background Cake smash set up in studio with shite backdrop. Cake has a turtle on it. There is a fabric banner that has blue, green and yellow with the number 1 in the missde. Blue and white balloons. Shirtless baby wearing bowtie getting ready to do smash cake Baby having fun and making a mess of his personal cake.