Maternity & Newborn Lifestyle Shoot | Nora Lucille | Nashville, TN

I have known Curt & Monica for the past 4 1/2 years.  They were actually there when I met my husband and they ended up not only becoming great friends, but Monica even was my day of wedding planner!!! I am so happy to call them friends and I was delighted when they contacted me about shooting their maternity photos and newborn photos!

Back in August we met up at Agricultural Center and did a really fun shoot… I have been slam packed with work during the fall so I am catching up on blogging and decided to post both their maternity session and newborn session together. Here are some of my favorite images from their maternity session (after these images you will see images of their bundle of joy!!!)

Curt+Monica_Maternity_Photos_Agricultural_Center_Nashville-3 Curt+Monica_Maternity_Photos_Agricultural_Center_Nashville-16 Curt+Monica_Maternity_Photos_Agricultural_Center_Nashville-28 Curt+Monica_Maternity_Photos_Agricultural_Center_Nashville-53 Curt+Monica_Maternity_Photos_Agricultural_Center_Nashville-65 Curt+Monica_Maternity_Photos_Agricultural_Center_Nashville-88 Curt+Monica_Maternity_Photos_Agricultural_Center_Nashville-105

I love them… They are so fun!  And look at Monica jumping at 8 months along… IMPRESSIVE! 


And then came OCTOBER 2nd… and their princess arrived… NORA LUCILLE!!!!


Gibbs_Newborn_Oct_2014-5879 Gibbs_Newborn_Oct_2014-5898-2

I love what they did in her room on the wall… PRECIOUS!  Gibbs_Newborn_Oct_2014-2_Knew_You_Before_You_Were_FormedGibbs_Newborn_Oct_2014-9201 Gibbs_Newborn_Oct_2014-9241 Gibbs_Newborn_Oct_2014-9251 Gibbs_Newborn_Oct_2014-9261 Gibbs_Newborn_Oct_2014-9266 Gibbs_Newborn_Oct_2014-9309-2 Gibbs_Newborn_Oct_2014-9320 Gibbs_Newborn_Oct_2014-9348

Can’t wait to see Nora again soon….

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