Shaw Family | Agricultural Center | Nashville, TN

The Shaw’s rocked this shoot!  We walked all over Agricultural Center, when I say all over, I mean ALL OVER!  I have known Brian for a very long time… Like my recent shoot with the Bailey’sBrian and I also used to work in banking together. He is now owner of several Workout Anytime locations and recently I went out to his Lenox location and did head shots for him. While I was there we nailed down a date for their family session.

Seriously the weather could not have been more perfect on the day we decided to shoot! The light was gorgeous and the Shaw’s were so easy to hang with.  The kids were super cool.

I love these images… ENJOY!

Shaw_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-1 Shaw_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-19 Shaw_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-31 Shaw_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-40 Shaw_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-55 Shaw_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-62 Shaw_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-79 Shaw_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-97 Shaw_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-115 The Shaw’s were totally awesome!  I am so glad I got to try out some silhouette shots at the end of the shoot… inspired by local photographer Joe Hendricks Blog Post.  I still have a long way to go, but it was fun to try it out on this shoot.  Thanks for the inspiration Joe.  Shaw_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-129 Shaw_Family_Agricultural_Center_Nashville_TN-131