A True Southern Gem – A Mississippi Girl Don’t Change Her Ways

Lauren is a true sweet southern woman, she is a tiny woman, but still a woman nonetheless!  I love this girl so much.  We first met at a networking event when I used to work in the banking world.  We were instant friends because she told me she loved my hair.  If you compliment me, I will immediately become your friend.  hehehe.

Everyone who knows Lauren absolutely adores her.  She is the sweetest & most kind-hearted soul. She is incredibly fun to be around and she is always down for singing Karaoke… (from about 2:15 to the end is my most favorite part)

A few years back I had the pleasure of introducing Lauren to what is now her husband and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them.  Two of the best people in the world!!!!  I actually shot their engagement session back in 2011… You can see it HERE

Anyway, I asked my beautiful friend Lauren to come over and be part of test shoot and I am so happy she came.  WE HAD A FREAKING BLAST!

Nashville_Tn_Glamour_Womens_Photography_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography_1 Nashville_Tn_Glamour_Womens_Photography_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography_13 Nashville_Tn_Glamour_Womens_Photography_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_PhotographyNashville_Tn_Glamour_Womens_Photography_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Girl_Praying Nashville_Tn_Glamour_Womens_Photography_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography_5Nashville_Tn_Glamour_Womens_Photography_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography_6 Nashville_Tn_Glamour_Womens_Photography_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography_7 Nashville_Tn_Glamour_Womens_Photography_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography_11Nashville_Tn_Glamour_Womens_Photography_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography_14 Nashville_Tn_Glamour_Womens_Photography_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography_10



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