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Want to talk about a seriously inspirational woman… look no further than SARAH!!!

I met Sarah for the first time about 6 years ago at a church we both attended. Although she is much younger than me and was in High School at the time, it was hard not to notice her with her super extroverted personality. ūüėČ ¬†I always thought she was so sweet and after I no longer attended that church I would still see her around town and would have quick chats with her about photography and life and we stayed connected via facebook.

One of the last times I remember seeing her at what ended up being her heaviest was at a Starbucks. ¬†It was a very quick encounter, but I remember leaving there thinking about sweet she was, but also how uncomfortable she seemed in her own skin. I thought about her a lot after that encounter…FAST FORWARD to about 6-8 months later and I see a photo posted on Facebook of her after a she ran a 5k, which you will see below, and it blew my mind!!!! It was around that time I reached out to her because I was so inspired and I wanted to celebrate her weight loss.
Here is Sarah’s story…
How did you gain the weight? 
Growing up I was always overweight, always one of the bigger girls.  I never valued nutrition or exercise. Once I got into college I started gaining a lot of weight and I found out in I had PCOS, which it turns out it causes you to dramatically gain weight.
To give an idea of my average day… It started at¬†Starbucks drinking a Venti Peppermint White Mocha with Extra Whip. ¬†This drink was easily 600+ calories. ¬†Pretty much every day I was indulging in whatever my “sweet mouth” wanted. Oreos, Ice Cream, Pizza… anything!
What was the turning point for you? 
I was at my heaviest when I travelled to Cambodia.  Since it is a developing country many of the foods that are provided are meant to help you gain weight (full of carbs) which is not something I needed at that time.
In Cambodia, I was uncomfortable.


DSC_0444 DSC_0207

People in Cambodia are very upfront about how they feel and were comfortable making comments about my body and even the children coming up and squeezing my arm fat. When I came home from Cambodia I decided that I need to be healthy for the things that God wanted me to pursue in my life. One night, shortly after my trip, I was lying in bed and could not fall asleep.  I ended up on Pinterest and for the first time ever I was looking up health & fitness and feeling inspired. I contacted a friend on Facebook and asked a recommendation for a fitness trainer.

How did you lose it? 
The following day, I called personal trainer Tina Wilson who owns¬†Your Body, His Temple. She asked me what I think has been holding me back and what are my goals… to which I responded. “I think being lazy, and being like this (overweight) my whole life… I think there is some sort of comfort in having that an excuse.” ¬†I told her “My goals are to be healthy, feel more confident and lose 130lbs.” ¬†Tina and I connected and the next day I was signing a contract as her new client and haven’t looked back.
I started my lifestyle change in September 2013… I changed the way I was eating based on the recommendations of my trainer and a nutritionist. ¬†I started working out 5 days a week. ¬†What really made a huge impact for me was when my friend Taylor started working out with me. A few months later she became my roommate which made clean eating and meal prep more fun and much easier when you had someone else who was doing it with you. ¬†One of the biggest impacts to my lifestyle was running. ¬†I had my friend Taylor to run with me which helped to keep me accountable.
In Feb 2014 I ran my first 5k. I was really proud of myself and decided for the first time in a long time to post a full body image on Facebook…
Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.59.31 AM

I was overwhelmed by the response of my friends on Facebook it really encouraged me to keep going.

By May 2014 I was down 50 lbs and continuing to drop weight. ¬†There was this pair of pants that I kept from when I was 17 that I just never got rid of because I loved them and I wanted to fit back in them “eventually”. ¬†When I went to try them on after losing 50+ pounds I was shocked to see that they were TOO BIG!!!! ¬†That was a huge confidence booster and that kept me working even that much harder.
Fast forward to today — I am down 100 lbs and feeling confident. ¬†While I am incredibly proud this I still know that this is a complete lifestyle change and I do still have 30 lbs that I want to lose and I WILL LOSE IT!!!!
What is your advice to anyone wanting to be healthy? 

Narrow your focus, work on being disciplined.

Completely cutting out things in your life will not yield long-term results.

It’s about learning to manage balance between what you want and what’s best for you.


Sarah… I am so ridiculously proud of you! ¬†You have inspired me and I hope to one day be on the other side of the lens with my own weight loss story…
HMUA: Meko Davis –¬†Makeup by MEKO
Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-1Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-7Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-5 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-2Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-3Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-9 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-11 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-12 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-14 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-17 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-20 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-22 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-25 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-27 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-30Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-200 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-34 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-35 Sarah_100lb_Weight_Loss_Inspired_Nashville_TN_Photographer_Tausha_Ann_Glamour-38
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