Class of 2013 Senior Spokesmodels / Reps / Ambassador’s : The SEARCH IS ON!!!!

First go here & check out my Facebook page so you can see my work & see if it matches your style! (“LIKE” it while you are there to stay updated on the latest contests!)

It’s finally that time, I am looking for a few fantastic/stellar Class of 2013 students to represent Tausha Ann Photography to their 2013 graduating class.  Looking for guys & gals within 30 miles of Nashville.  I’ve got some great perks that are sure to WOW my Spokesmodels, and give them something awesome to talk about!

Interested in applying? If you LOVE Tausha Ann Photography and what you’re hearing, then sign up! I am searching for some really special teens who share a love for quality photos, a fun time, and fashion.

You may be wondering, WHAT IS THIS SPOKESMODEL PROGRAM ALL ABOUT?  I am looking for teens who are fun and want to get know me & my crew, hang out, and truly value beautiful/artistic photographs.  The main point is this, I am looking for people who love photography first, and love the perks second.

Simple as that.

So what do you think, are you in? If you feel strongly that I am the photographer for you, and you want everyone you know to feel the same way, you probably better click ahead to learn more about what you DO get for being my Spokesmodel!

If you know anyone who you think would be a fabulous Spokesmodel, send them my way!

As a Tausha Ann Photography Rep, You Receive:

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Fill out the Application NOW by clicking HERE!!!!

Don’t want to be a Spokesmodel but interested in booking your Senior Portrait Session? Call me: 615-925-9203 or email me @


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