Class of 2015 | Katie Webber | Senior Portraits | Franklin, TN

Today I want you to meet Katie Webber. CLASS OF 2015

H A P P Y  |  S W E E T  |  LOVELY

are the words that come to mind when I think about Katie.


I was introduced to Katie and her mother through my SUPER DUPER hair stylist Laura Lamb who works at Jon Alan Salon in Cool Springs (go see her!!!!)

Katie is a senior at Brentwood High School and she is a pretty AMAZING gymnast too. So much so that she has a scholarship to college for her gymnast skills. (I am pretty sure “gymnast skills” isn’t how Katie would say it, but it sounds fun to me!)

We started the day early at my home studio in Franklin, TN where Katie brought in all of her outfits and Rachel from Marz Makeup & Hair took care of all things hair/makeup.  (She was awesome!)

Right before Rachel finished up makeup and hair, my photography assistant Dottie from Dottie Beasley Photography arrived.  She was a rock star during the shoot as always!

After Katie was ready we snapped just a few pics in the studio and headed outside because the weather happened to be delightful!   

Katie had the biggest smile on her face the whole day and I loved working with her!  It was so much fun!  I am so excited about our next shoot in just a few months that will take place in Downtown Nashville!


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Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_Outdoor_Beautiful_Tausha_Ann_Photography_3Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_Urban_Jeans_Tausha_Ann_Photography_4Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_Close_Up_Black_White_Tausha_Ann_Photography_5 Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_Glamour_Tausha_Ann_Photography_6Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_Smiling_Laughing_Tausha_Ann_Photography_8Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_Serious_Tausha_Ann_Photography_9Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_GrorgeousTausha_Ann_Photography_10Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_Looking_Away_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_Outtake_Tausha_Ann_Photography_11Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_Flowers_Gorgeous_Smile_Tausha_Ann_Photography_12Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_Coffee_Table_Red_Outsite_ Tausha_Ann_Photography_13Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_American_Flage_Stripes_Tausha_Ann_Photography_14Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_Having_Fun_Tausha_Ann_Photography_Franklin_TN_Senior_Photography_Katie_Class_2015_Girl_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography_16