Portraits of Beautimous Brittany : Nashville Photographer


I love this girl.  I was so stoked that she was willing to be a subject for one of my test shoots.  Brittany & I used to be roommates.   I miss our time as roomies… This girl always has a smile on her face.

Brittany was one of the most laid-back chick, frickin aweseome and completely drama free girls I have ever lived with and trust me I have had a lot of roommates… I think around 35!

Brittany is rarity & I am so happy to know this beautimous & joyous soul.  I had such a blast capturing her beauty in the images below.  Thank you Brittany for being you!

We took these images in my home studio and in the nearby field by my place.

Glamour_Photography_Nashville_Franklin_TN_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography-11-Artistic_Photography_Nashville_Franklin_TN_Glamour_Tausha_Ann_Photography Artistic_Photography_Nashville_Franklin_TN_Glamour_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography Glamour_Photography_Nashville_Franklin_TN_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography-2

Glamour_Photography_Nashville_Franklin_TN_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_Photography Glamour_Photography_Nashville_Franklin_TN_Natural_Light_Tausha_Ann_Photography Fine_Art_Photography_Nashville_Franklin_TN_Headshots_Tausha_Ann_PhotographyGlamour_Photography_Nashville_Franklin_TN_Strobe_Lighting_Tausha_Ann_Photography