Women in Entrepreneurship Nashville | Headshot Day

Women + Entrepreneurship = Complete Awesomeness.

For the past 8 months I have been a part of a really fabulous group of women called WE Nashville. Who is WE Nashville? Here is the short answer: “WE Nashville is a group for women who are in any stage of the entrepreneurship process that are growing + nurturing their own, unique brand and company.”  This has been a really amazing and safe place to share ideas, collaborate with other business owners and share the joys and frustrations of entrepreneurship.

After looking through some of the businesses in the group I noticed many of these ladies did not have professional headshots. This got me thinking… what if I hosted a WE Nashville Headshot day! So I set a date and invited only WE Nashville members.

I adore this group of women and I loved spending the day with them at my home studio in Franklin, TN.

HUGE THANKS to Andrea of ANDREA FARMER PHOTOGRAPHY for assiting on this shoot.

Also – Mega Props to Marz Makeup & Hair for doing an amazing job with Hair/Makeup for the majority of the ladies pictured below.



Meet a few of the LADIES of WE NASHVILLE…


ANNIE WAUGH | Annie Waugh, LMT, IMC | anniewaugh.com

Annie_QuoteAnnie is one of those people you meet and feel instantly calm. Not in a “hey people she’s a hippy way,” but in a “Hey, this lady has peace” kind of way. I’d love to put in my own words what Annie does, but I am going to steal it from the About page on her website instead…

“Offering a sustainable approach to holistic health, Annie is known for this gentle and incredibly effective technique; however, she has also worked extensively with special needs and neurological impairment populations.  Trauma recovery is a focal point of all the modalities offered and she is continually pursuing training and research to bring the most effective therapies and tools to her clients.”

Annie_Waugh_Headshots_Web_Size-2 Annie_Waugh_Headshots_Web_Size-5

dotsDOTTIE BEASLEY | Dottie Beasley Photography | dottiebeasley.com

Dottie_QuoteDottie – oh dearest Dottie. I could go on for days about this beautiful soul. I have known Dottie for a long time and was even lucky enough to photograph her wedding a few years back. Dottie is a photographer who specializes in photographing the “litttle ones” and she has serious passion for all forms of art and world peace. She is truly one of the kindest souls I have ever met. You should get to know her. She will blow your mind… STRAIGHT UP! Read here manifesto HERE.

Dottie+Headshots_High_Res-2 Dottie+Headshots_Web_Res-11dotsMEREDITH EASTBURN | Amaranthus Paper & Flora | amaranthuspaperflora.com

Meredith_QuoteMeredith can always be seen with a big smile of her face and a heart full of joy. When I first heard that she made paper flowers I thought to myself, “Oh hey I guess that’s cool…” then I saw them and totally freaked out!!! These paper flowers are unlike anything I had ever seen and I love that she runs this business with her mom. These flowers are perfect for everyone, but especially someone like me who has always told my husband not to buy me flowers since they die so quickly. For this Valentine’s I practically begged my husband to get me a bouquet of these flowers.  The begging worked and now they sit in my living room for everyone’s viewing enjoyment. Read more about Meredith HERE

Meredith_Headshots_We_Nashville_Web-5 Meredith_Headshots_We_Nashville_Web-17dotsLINDSEY MCPHERSON | The Nashville Mom | thenashvillemom.com

Lindsey_QuoteDon’t let the business looking shot above fool you.  Lindsey is about as down to earth and witty as they come. Lindsey quickly has become a close friend and confidant. She is smart, sophisticated, but knows how to “cut a rug” and those are 3 of favorite qualities about this gem. She is really passionate about Nashville, supporting other women entrepenuers and about motherhood.  Read more about Lindsey and her motherhood shenanigans HERE.Lindsey-1 Lindsey-11dotsHEATHER (HN) JAMES | Nanotime Photography | nanotimephotography.com

HN_QuoteHeather (HN) is a dedicated artist with a love for photography and is inspired by the “small things” as she says on her website. Also she has purple hair so that makes her coolness factor go up by like 87.5 points at least! I have known heather for a little while and I think she finds beauty in everything, but especially in the details that are often overlooked. She has taken some incredible photographs with amazing compostion.  Read more about Heather HERE.

HN_Headshots_Web-5 HN_Headshots_Web-9dotsPAIGE BARBEE | Paige Barbee Jewelry | paigebarbee.com

Paige_QuoteLook at any of these photos of Paige and you will the sweetness she exudes. I have had the opportunity to get to know Paige a little bit over the last few months and what I have discovered is that she loves what she does. She isn’t afraid to share boldly about her passion. Her jewelry is definitely unique as she blends modern technology with ancient metalsmithing techniques for some seriously beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces. Read more about Paige’s awesomeness HERE.

Paige_Headshot_Web-3 Paige_Headshot_Web-13dotsTRISH MATHISEN | Nutrisha | nutrisha.comTrish_Quote

Trish is sassy and I like it! She is a mom, military wife and wants to encourage healthy eating for families (well let’s be honest… healthy eating for all people,) Trish works for corporations, non profits and farmers to bring the mission of Nutrisha to the community. Currently in the works is a book series for children about healthy eating.  So basically she is doing a lot to make the world a better place. Trish also was one of the Founders of WE Nashville which makes her beyond cool in my book.  Read more about this doll HERETrish_Headshots_Web-10 Trish_Headshots_Web-12dotsSARA SKILLEN | SkillSet Organizing | skillsetorganizing.comSara_Quote

I first heard about Sara at WE Nashville and then I heard a personal testimony to her organizing awesomeness from a friend who hired her. She was giving Sara glowing reviews!  The day that we did this shoot was the first time I met Sara. I loved that she came armed with the idea that she wanted to show who she truly was in these photos. Obviously professional, but not “stuffy” professional. I loved the vibe I got from Sara and it’s in my calendar to follow up with her for some organizing in my home office.  It’s embarrassing how disorganized I am, but I have a feeling Sara would help me solve my disorganization once and for all. Read more about Sara HERE.Sara_Headshots_Web-2Sara_Headshots_Web-5 dotsALICE SULLIVAN | Alice Sullivan | alicesullivan.comAlice_Quote

Alice is totally “my kind of gal.” I have known Alice for about 6 years and she is the wittiest person I know. Since I don’t see her very often I always look forward to her next status update because I know it will probably have me laughing. In addition to being witty she is master of all things writing, editing, coaching, consulting and just all around bad-assery is really the only way to put it. Read more about Alice HERE. Also if you know a charming young lad who can handle the wittiness of Alice contact me and I’ll make a love connection.  😉 ALICE_HEADSHOT_WEB-2 ALICE_HEADSHOT_WEB-8

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