Star Gala Patron’s Party Hosted at Dave Ramsey’s house : Franklin TN Event Photographer

I am sure many of you know who Dave Ramsey is — and if you don’t you should definitely check him out!  My boyfriend & I decided to start the Financial Peace University class on Tuesday February 15, 2011 at Otter Creek Church in Brentwood  having absolutely no idea that we would be at his house two days later!!    Months before I was asked to photograph the Brentwood Star Gala that is coming up in March.  On Thursday February 17th it was requested last-minute that if I was available to photograph, I needed to be there for the Star Gala Patron’s Party.  Since it was so last-minute & I had already done another shoot that day I almost declined, but I decided what the heck I will do it.  I was informed that I couldn’t get in without the invitation & I as I glanced down at the invitation it said “Hosted by Dave & Sharon Ramsey”    “OH WOW!” I exclaimed in my head.  I hurried home after work, told my boyfriend he had to go buy a suit & BAM we were there hours later!  I met some really fantastic people, Bert Bosse who is running for Brentwood Commissioner (oh and we set up a photo shoot for his campaign photos!)  The owners of Puffy Muffin, what a great family of sweet people!    I must say Dave & Sharon Ramsey were so kind & let us tour the entire house and let me tell you I definitely believe that their house cost 10 million.  It was incredible.  So grateful for the opportunity!!

Dave and Sharon Ramsey with Puffy Muffin Owners Patrons Party 2011
Candid Photo Dave RamseyDave Ramsey Living Room

Tommy Dickinson in Dave Ramsey's hallway

My Boyfriend in the Hall of “Dave Ramsey Photographed With Famous People”


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