Nathan + Amie Wedding | The Shiloh | Fort Wayne Indiana

Amie and I go way WAY back! We first met through her older brother and soon after became friends. She was hair stylist for years.  Amie was even the first Hair & Makeup Artist that I worked with on my first ever concept/fashion shoot back in 2010.

Basically she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

When Amie moved back to Indiana from Nashville I was sad to lose my favorite hairstylist who made me look cooler than I am, but more importantly, one of the coolest chicks I know!

When I saw Amie got engaged to Nathan via Facebook, I let out a little squeal of excitement since we had spoken briefly before about me photographing her wedding. Once we nailed the details it was on my calendar!

Amie + Nathan I was so honored to share your wedding day with you.

HUGE THANKS TO Kristen Mittlestedt for second shooting / assisting. 

Purple Flower bouquet sitting in grass. Detail photo of bride's shoes.

We started the day at the hotel where the girls were getting ready. Amie had really cute shoes from Betsey Johnson and the shoebox was so great that I decided to use it to show off the rings and jewelry.

Detail images of wedding rings, bracelet and earrings on blue sparkly box.

Bride getting ready photo. Looking in mirror putting on mascara.

Bride looking at herself seriously in the mirror. Photo of flower detail in brides hair.

Detail images of final touches of bride and wedding dress. Putting on bracelet. Bride putting garter on leg.

Amie was wearing the most beautiful couture style dress with a detailed bow on the back.

Mother helping bride put on wedding dress. Black and white. Detail image of hands buttoning up dress. Backlit by window.

Final portraits of bride looking out window, looking in mirror and putting on earrings.

Then we were off to the hotel to meet up with the groom and grab a few shots before the First Look.

Detail images of groom lacing up shoes and boutonniere.

Groom putting on vest while looking out the window.

Portraits of Groom sitting on red couch in hotel room.

We chose this awesome hallway that was low on foot traffic and rather private for Nathan + Amie’s first look.

Groom waiting for bride for the first look. Bride walking down hallway to groom.

Not going to lie, there was a tear in Nathan’s eye even before he saw his beautiful bride.

Moments before the first look. Bride with her head on grooms shoulder

The image below is one of my favorites from the day!

Groom seeing bride for first time. Tear running down his face.

Bride and groom portrait in yellow hall.

Black and white portrait of Bride. Silhouette of bride and groom in window.

We started to head over to the Grand Wayne Convention Center across the street. As we headed down the stairs I saw the most beautiful window light so naturally we stopped for a few photos.

Bride and Groom standing on stairs near window. Beautiful portraits.

Once we arrived at the Grand Wayne Center we had a few minutes before the rest of the wedding party would meet up with us. Now that the nerves of the first look were over, smiles and laughs were sure to show up.

Bride and Groom having fun candid moment.

Bride and groom portraits close-up in color and black and white.

Bride and groom portraits against wall at Grand Wayne Convention Center

Bride and Groom standing up against wall. Groom looking at bride. Bride looking at camera. Grand Wayne Convention Center. Black and White.

Seriously can they be any cuter?

Bride laughing with groom looking at her.

Amie, such a GORGEOUS bride!

Portraits of bride in natural light and strobe lighting. Wooden and cream colored wall.

Stunning editoral image of bride looking away from camera. Very shallow depth of field.

Once the ladies arrived, we started snapping away! LOVE THE REFLECTIONS!


Bride and Bridesmaids holding hands with feet crossed. Showing reflection off of the ground. Grand Wayne Convention Center.

Portrait of all of the bridesmaids.

Amie had bridesmaids with seriously great personalities!

Portraits of all of the Bridesmaids each individually with bride. Goofing off and having fun.

Look at these handsome fellas.

Photos of all of the groomsmen individually.

Each groomsmen with the Groom. Goofing off and having fun.

We quickly rearranged the furniture to grab an epic wedding party shot. When I say we I should really say that I said, “Hey guys, can you move this couch here and this chair there.” Thank God for strong men.

Epic portraits of entire wedding party at the Grand Wayne Convention Center siting on couches looking cool. Reflections on ground.

Entire wedding party walking.

We practically ran out of Grand Wayne Center to rush over to The Shiloh to take family photos prior to the ceremony.

Mother and Father of the Bride.

Formal family photos at wedding.

Off to the cermony…

Detail images of ceremony at The Shiloh

Candid photos of guests at ceremony at The Shiloh.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen walking down the aisle at The Shiloh

Bride and Father walking down aisle. Grooms reaction. Taken at The Shiloh.

Praying. Father giving away bride.

Candid images of bridesmaids and guests.

Bride and Groom exchanging vows and wedding rings.

Bride and Groom pouring sand at The Shiloh.

First kiss as Husband and Wife. Flowers in the aisle.

Walking down aisle as husband and wife.

We needed to get a couple more wedding party photos…

Portraits of entire wedding party outdoors.

Photos of Groomsment outdoors by trees being silly.

Groomsmen and groom smoking cigars. Photo lit by artificial light. Paul C Buff einstein light and neewer flash.

The sunset and clouds were so beautiful and made for the perfect final portraits before the reception.

Epic portraits of bride and groom outdoors with einstein light and sun peeking through the clouds.

Backlit by the sun. Portrait of Bride and groom. Close-up. Taken at The Shiloh in Fort Wayne, INDIANA.

Off to the reception!

Detail images at Reception. Flowers, table seating, wedding cards and well wishes.  Bride and Groom cake cutting.

Nathan and Amie so in love and having so much fun!

First Dance as husband and wife at The Shiloh in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Father Daugher and Mother Son Dance.. The Shiloh.

This was one of the most special moments of Nathan + Amie’s day.  Nathan’s cousin who was very close in age lost his life a few months prior to the wedding and he planned a special dance with his aunt. I had a hard time photographing as tears were rolling down my face. I could see it meant the world to her and the dance ended with a group hug.

Special dance with Aunt and Groom.

Here’s where the party really starts… The garter & flower toss.

Flower and Bouquet Toss at The Shiloh.

Let the dancing begin!!!!

Dancing and Fun at The Shiloh.

Bride having fun dancing with friend and family at The Shiloh.

Dancing fun at The Shiloh.

Silhouette’s and Love… Two of my favorite things!

Silhouette image at The Shiloh. Black and White with lights in background.

CONGRATS YOU TWO!!!!!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!Bride and Groom say goodbye with bubbles.

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