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I always adore photographing weddings. There’s so much love in the air and the bride and groom spent so much time carefully planning all the details. It was not any different for Randy + Diane’s wedding, either!

Before I share their AMERICAN wedding ceremony I want to share a few images from their LAOTIAN WEDDING CEREMONY the week before at Diane’s parents house… I was only there for a little over an hour, but here are some images I captured… COLORFUL!!!!

Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0161 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0162 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0163 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0164 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0165 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0166 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0167 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0168 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0169 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0170 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0171

Their American wedding and reception were at Barista Parlor and was catered by Rebekah Turshen of City House and lots of friends and family. They danced to their first song Can’t Help Falling In Love which was sang live by Wilder Embry & Kate Tucker.  When I asked them why they chose that song, they said, “We wanted a classic song that we’re likely to randomly hear in the future…”

A few more people that helped their wedding go off without a hitch:

Cake Maker: Diane’s mom, the beautiful Chansanith Manivong (:      

Wedding Coordinator: Rachel Gladstone

Where Dress was Purchased: Diane bought a simple strapless off-the-rack dress from SimplyBridal.com and had some magic fairy dust sprinkled over her from her aunt, Vilayphone Kounlavong, who added sleeves and a train!  It was so PERFECT! 

Caterer: DIY Biscuit Bar with yummy biscuits from Rebekah Turshen of City House and lots of help from family & friends

Bar:Cocktails and Mocktails by Milo Rodriguez, an award-winning mixologist and Bombay Sapphire’s newest Master Mixologist. His drinks were well-balanced and deeelicious!

Florist: DIY Flowers from her sweet friends, Leah, Sarah, & Ellen


I am always intrigued to hear what the bride & groom thought of their special day and what advice they might have for others… so I asked some questions…

What advice would you offer to other couples planning a wedding?

Don’t overthink it. Just make decisions that fit with who you are as a couple and consciously have fun together throughout the whole process. Do what feels right for you. We chose to do some very traditional things like a classic first dance and cake cutting, but we opted to not have a formal bridal party or even a caterer. This made for a more intimate and informal party with friends wearing whatever they want and family members bringing food items for the DIY Biscuit Bar (potluck style). When we look back at how everything came together, we loved how our wedding felt like us (even the little mess-ups!).

What were you most anxious, nervous or fearful about regarding your wedding day and what was the outcome?

We were planning a very non-traditional wedding, and I was initially worried people wouldn’t “get it” or enjoy themselves, but I was reminded by Randy and a close friend that we’re not responsible for anyone else’s happiness, just our own. Remembering that everyone will be there out of love for us made decision-making a lot easier.

What photography-related advice would you offer to a couple?

First, Go with Tausha (: Then, figure out what your photography priorities are and let your trusted photog take it from there.

We knew we wanted a laid-back, mingly reception that felt intimate and not fussy, so we had our family photos before the wedding. This means we had a “first look” and saw each other before the ceremony, but we loved having that quiet, private moment together. If you’re a little non-traditional like us, I’d recommend getting as many photos done before the wedding as possible, so you (and your guests) can enjoy the party.

How would you describe your overall wedding experience?

It was both nothing like what we thought it’d be and better than either of us could’ve imagined. I must mention that we had a lot of intentional surprises at our wedding, because we didn’t need a perfectly orchestrated wedding (and I love surprises!). We just wanted to be married and to share that moment with our loved ones, so when friends and family offered to help, we took them up on it and gave them very little direction and lots of trust. When we saw how lovely the flowers and cake looked and tasted all the yummy food and cocktails, we felt extremely blessed.

Randy and I also had no idea how awesome it would be for our extended families to know each other (and be official Facebook friends?!). We also didn’t know how truly great it feels to have everyone we love (and had known separately) celebrating with us all together.

 What was your favorite moment from the wedding?

Right after our wedding, neither of us remembered a lot of details from the wedding, but we both remembered each others vows! Our favorite moment was definitely the vow exchange. It was one of the first things we talked about after the wedding and we actually reread them to each other late that night. It was important for us to start our lives intentionally with a lot of love and joy, and the vows we made that day are a big part of that.

How was your experience working with me on your wedding day?

We had the best time with you that day! You really got our vibe and were the perfect mix of happy, laid-back, and efficient! I loved that you gave us direction from time to time (so we wouldn’t miss some great shots) and also just let us enjoy the day. We seriously couldn’t have asked for more..

As for me, one of my personal favorite moments of the wedding was when they incorporated the Laotian traditions into their day.  Like the ceremonial hand washing during ceremony and the Laotian dance at the reception!

Okay, enough talk. Let’s move on to photos!

(Huge thanks for Claire Richardson for SECOND SHOOTING & ASSISTING)

Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0126 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0127 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0128 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0129 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0130 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0131 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0133 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0134 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0135 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0136 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0137 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0138 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0139 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0140 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0141 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0142 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0143 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0144 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0145 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0146 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0147 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0148 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0149 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0150

Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0151 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0152 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0153 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0154 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0155 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0156 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0157 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0158 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0159

Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0172 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0173 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0174 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0175 Wedding_Photography_Bicentennial_Mall_TN_Tausha_Ann_Photography_First_Look_0160




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